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Nov 1, 1948 (Scorpio)
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Hampshire, England
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Towards the Right
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As few as possible
Many and Varied
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All except Rap. Whoever invented that want's shooting.
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Supernatural - NCIS - Bones -
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Air force One - Frequency - Independence Day - While You Were Sleeping - Dave - Catch Me if You Can - Under Siege - I Robot - A Few Good Men

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reactions to paris
I think this is a must watch video for those of us that have been taught about the Crusades.  I don't think it's taught in schools today.  We were never taught that the Crusades started due to a begging and pleading of Christians for help against Muslims invading and conquering their Christian countries.  Instead  we were always taught that not only >>> Continue Reading


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What I've Been up to on Yuku

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    • Check out my new board - zandranna.forumotion.com/
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • MySundayPhoto - http://zandranna.yuku.com/topic/3113
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • I've Treated Myself to a Fitbit - http://zandranna.yuku.com/topic/3112
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Thanks Vel. It's a slow process but I am recovering ok. xx.
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • More sorting, packing and cleaning for me today.
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • Lots to do today to complete all of the official type things for moving. Mustn't forget to change the dog's chip address.
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Good morning Vel. Hope you and yours are well. Lazy day here for me today.
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Hi Vel. No, I haven't been well for many weeks so went missing since beginning of Feb. I'm now very much on the mend so have been back on Yuku for a few days now.
    • : Sandy so glad to have you back, Yuku wouldn't be the same without you!!!! Mar 30 16 6:51 AM
    • Sandy : Awww, thank you matie. Mar 30 16 7:13 AM
  • Sandy gave a shout to BlueRose1197 ...
    • Your Weebly site looks really good Sabs. I've just been over to have a look see.
  • Sandy gave a shout to trafficjamm ...
    • Love the avatar, lol.
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • I heard a while ago that they were thinking of getting rid of the HS. I simply can't understand their thinking. It can only do harm and not any good.
  • Sandy gave a shout to Sandy ...
    • Hahaha, nope you are looking at 2 different profiles. The spotty one is my zandranna.u
  • Sandy gave a shout to AngelsKissJM ...
    • Good morning back to you. It is a good morning here too for a change. I've actually got up to the sun shining. Very weakly, but it is shining.
  • Sandy gave a shout to spherical ...
    • Morning matie. I hope you are resting in all that heat. It must be bloody uncomfortable over there at the moment.
    • : If its uncomfortable, please send some this way, blowing a gale and raining here, need I say more Feb 8 16 7:02 PM
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    • Haha, No I wont be put off, lol. I do like that skin but agree with both you and Martha it is bright, so I'm going to tone it down a bit. That Zandranna profile is for playing with anyway.
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  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Hi Rich, thanks for popping over to mine. I didn't realise you were back, so welcome back to you.
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • Come to a stand still yet again with my weight loss. Weigh day tomz but so far looks like no weight loss this week. Depressed or what!
    • BlueRose1197 : Chin up Sandy! You can do it! Jan 29 16 2:15 PM
    • Sandy : Oh I hope so Sabs. I"m not giving in until I am my correct weight, however hard it gets. Jan 29 16 5:40 PM
  • Sandy gave a shout to AngelsKissJM ...
    • Hiya matie. So nice to see you wander over to mine.

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