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Nov 1, 1948 (Scorpio)
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Hampshire, England
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Towards the Right
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As few as possible
Many and Varied
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All except Rap. Whoever invented that want's shooting.
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Supernatural - NCIS - Bones -
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Air force One - Frequency - Independence Day - While You Were Sleeping - Dave - Catch Me if You Can - Under Siege - I Robot - A Few Good Men

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reactions to paris
I think this is a must watch video for those of us that have been taught about the Crusades.  I don't think it's taught in schools today.  We were never taught that the Crusades started due to a begging and pleading of Christians for help against Muslims invading and conquering their Christian countries.  Instead  we were always taught that not only >>> Continue Reading


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What I've Been up to on Yuku

  • Sandy gave a shout to Presto204 ...
    • I honestly don't know who has left, who hasn't or who is going to stick it out to see what Yuku will finally offer. My reason for finally leaving was Yuku selling to Tapatalk. Forumotion is one of the few systems they haven't bought up.
  • Sandy is currently...'
    • Check out my new board - zandranna.forumotion.com/
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • MySundayPhoto - http://zandranna.yuku.com/topic/3113
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • I've Treated Myself to a Fitbit - http://zandranna.yuku.com/topic/3112
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Thanks Vel. It's a slow process but I am recovering ok. xx.
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • More sorting, packing and cleaning for me today.
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • Lots to do today to complete all of the official type things for moving. Mustn't forget to change the dog's chip address.
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Good morning Vel. Hope you and yours are well. Lazy day here for me today.
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Hi Vel. No, I haven't been well for many weeks so went missing since beginning of Feb. I'm now very much on the mend so have been back on Yuku for a few days now.
    • : Sandy so glad to have you back, Yuku wouldn't be the same without you!!!! Mar 30 16 6:51 AM
    • Sandy : Awww, thank you matie. Mar 30 16 7:13 AM
  • Sandy gave a shout to BlueRose1197 ...
    • Your Weebly site looks really good Sabs. I've just been over to have a look see.
  • Sandy gave a shout to trafficjamm ...
    • Love the avatar, lol.
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • I heard a while ago that they were thinking of getting rid of the HS. I simply can't understand their thinking. It can only do harm and not any good.
  • Sandy gave a shout to Sandy ...
    • Hahaha, nope you are looking at 2 different profiles. The spotty one is my zandranna.u
  • Sandy gave a shout to AngelsKissJM ...
    • Good morning back to you. It is a good morning here too for a change. I've actually got up to the sun shining. Very weakly, but it is shining.
  • Sandy gave a shout to spherical ...
    • Morning matie. I hope you are resting in all that heat. It must be bloody uncomfortable over there at the moment.
    • : If its uncomfortable, please send some this way, blowing a gale and raining here, need I say more Feb 8 16 7:02 PM
  • Sandy got a friend...
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Haha, No I wont be put off, lol. I do like that skin but agree with both you and Martha it is bright, so I'm going to tone it down a bit. That Zandranna profile is for playing with anyway.
  • Sandy got a friend...
  • Sandy gave a shout to ...
    • Hi Rich, thanks for popping over to mine. I didn't realise you were back, so welcome back to you.
  • Sandy buzzed...
    • Come to a stand still yet again with my weight loss. Weigh day tomz but so far looks like no weight loss this week. Depressed or what!
    • BlueRose1197 : Chin up Sandy! You can do it! Jan 29 16 2:15 PM
    • Sandy : Oh I hope so Sabs. I"m not giving in until I am my correct weight, however hard it gets. Jan 29 16 5:40 PM

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